Oregon Crime News is the parent and home for mugshots and crime news for multiple counties in and near Oregon. We cover mostly areas south of the Portland metro area. We may eventually add those, but our focus is on areas less covered by other alternative media.

Why mugshots and crime? It started out as a service offered by the former online news publication “Lane Today” and developed into a large social media presence on our Lane County Mugshots Facebook page (over 48,000 followers) and the accompanying group Lane County Mugshots Uncensored Facebook group (nearly 68,000 members and growing.) The Oregon Crime News website is the backbone of all that we do to share news and crime information to the communities that we serve. In addition, we have built our our branding in our new Lane County Mugshots website.

People read the mugshots for a number of reasons. For some it’s entertainment. For others it’s a tool for understanding and knowing the criminal element that surrounds us. Landlords use it to screen potential renters. Employers use it to screen prospective employees. For better or for worse, that’s how it works. For us, we hope that the publication of the mugshots will serve as a deterrent for criminals who, knowing that their mugshot gets published to a large group of people, might think twice about committing that crime.

Beyond the mugshots are the communities of everyday people who simply want the crime to stop. We do too. We’d love for the criminals to put us out of business. Until then, we’ll keep doing what we do.

Oregon Crime News and our partners want to do more than publish mugshots. We want to be a part of the solution; the solution to crime in our area. Bringing people and technology together, we believe we can make a difference. We’ve got a project in the works for doing just that and we’ll be sharing more on that in the near future.

Thanks for visiting Oregon Crime News.