Barricaded Suspect Arrested In Saginaw

On September 6, 2018 shortly before 9:00 pm, the Lane County Sheriff’s Office received a report that a man exited an apartment complex at the 79900 block of Hwy 99 in Saginaw and pointed a firearm at another man in the parking lot. The man with the weapon reportedly went back inside the apartment with the gun.

Robert Goldberg

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office responded and attempted to make contact with the suspect, identified as 58 year old Robert Goldberg of Saginaw. Due to the nature of the call, and Sheriff’s Office Special Response Team was called to assist. Oregon State Police also responded to assist.

Deputies used a loud speaker in attempt to get Goldberg to come out of the residence where it was believed that he was alone. A flash/ sound/ distraction device was also used in effort to get Goldberg to exit the residence. Out of an abundance of caution, several neighbors in nearby apartments were notified and asked to temporarily leave their apartments due to the proximity of their residence to where Goldberg was.

Shortly before 4:00 am, Goldberg exited the home and was struck with a foam tipped less lethal round when he refused to surrender. Goldberg was arrested and seen by medics for non-life threatening injuries before being lodged at the Lane County Jail on Menacing x 2, Unlawful Use of a Weapon x 2, and Resisting Arrest.


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