Coos County man arrested for restraining order violation after trying to retrieve inner tube

A 51-year-old Lakeside man was arrested Saturday on a charge of violation of a restraining order after trying to retrieve an inner tube, according to a release from the Coos County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO).

On Aug. 5, at 5:46 p.m., deputies responded to a residence in the 71900 block of Cascade Lane in Lakeside to a reported restraining order violation.

The victim, according to CCSO, has had a long-standing restraining order against the suspect, Dennis L. Pollock, 51, of Lakeside.

Dennis L. Pollock, 51, of Lakeside, was arrested Aug. 5, 2017, after allegedly violating a restraining order by attempting to retrieve an inner tube from the victim. Photo courtesy of Coos County Sheriff’s Office.

Pollock was reportedly given permission from the victim to come over and retrieve an inner tube, but a heated argument took place while Pollock was there.

Although Pollock was given permission from the victim to be there, he reportedly violated the restraining order, and was arrested and taken to Coos County Jail on that charge.