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    Homeless man arrested after setting bomb off behind North Medford Fred Meyer, police say

    A 45-year-old man faces several charges after detonating a bomb behind a Medford store, according to a release from Medford Police.

    On Tuesday, Nov. 7, police responded to several witness reports of a man making a pipe bomb behind the North Medford Fred Meyer.

    Witnesses watched the man, who reportedly set the bomb off in a nearby field. The bomb created a loud explosion.

    Officers arrived and detained Justin William Keaton, 45, no address.

    Justin William Keaton, 45, no address, was arrested Nov. 7, 2017 after allegedly detonating a bomb behind a North Medford Fred Meyer. Photo courtesy of Medford Police.

    The device was found by police, which was described by police as a metal pipe containing gun powder and other items. Additionally, police say they found Keaton to be in possession of two pounds of gun powder and a cannon fuse.

    Keaton was arrested and taken to Jackson County Jail on charges of possession of a destructive device, unlawful manufacture of a destructive device, and possession of methamphetamine.



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