Springfield, Ore. – Springfield police were called to the Motel 6, located at 3752 International Court regarding a suspicious subject. An arrival, an officer observed and reported to other officers on scene, a male bicyclist behaving in a bizarre manner and operating the bicycle unlawfully. Then man had yelled words to the effect, “They’re going to kill me.” The officer noted the man was carrying a compound hunting bow on his handlebars.

Jordan Michael Loew 2017 Lane County Mugshots mugshot
Jordan Michael Loew 2017 mugshot

Near Pioneer Pacific College an officer tried to conduct a traffic stop of the bicyclist, on Sports Way, the cyclist, later identified as Jordan Michael Loew sat up on the seat of his bicycle, and riding with no hands, loaded an arrow into the compound bow and turned it toward the officer, who had been traveling immediately left of Loew calling out his front passenger window for the man to stop. Recognizing the lethality and close proximity of the threat, the officer used his vehicle to hastily knock Loew from the bike.

Loew refused commands from officers and fled on foot into an adjacent orchard while brandishing a double-edged knife at the officers. Loew continued to flee responding officers and alternately stopped and brandished and threatened officers with the knife even after being struck with a less-lethal shotgun launched beanbag projectile on four separate occasions throughout the chase in which he would turn and run and then stop and brandish the knife as officers approached him.

The foot chase covered nearly ¾ mile across parking lots, orchards and roadways. Medical personnel believe Loew may have been suffering from a medical condition known as excited delirium; a diagnosis typically reached by the elimination of other possible medical factors or explanations. Excited delirium is often related to long-term narcotics use or mental illness. In such cases the person presents with sweating, violence, and high body temperature. In approximately 10% of such cases, sudden cardiac death can occur.

Loew was transported by medic to the hospital, where he was treated and later transported to the Lane County Jail and lodged for the above noted charges.

“The officers involved in this rapidly evolving incident should be credited for their restraint in resolving this incident, which could have easily resulted in an officer involved shooting,” said Lieutenant Scott McKee. “The surround tactics and deliberate tactical application of less than lethal weapons in this rapidly evolving situation brought a peaceful end to a potentially deadly encounter,” he said.

Location: International Court/International Way, Springfield, OR
Case Number: 18-5876

Loew, Jordan Michael DOB: 07-19-1989

Charges according to Springfield Police:
Attempted Assault I – 163.185
Unlawful Use of Weapon X2 – 166.220
Menacing – 163.190
Interfering with Peace Officer – 162.247
Felon Poss. Restricted WPN X2 – 166.270
Resisting Arrest – 162.315

7-4-18 @ 6:32 p.m.