Marion County Sex Offender Notification: June 8, 2017

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) released a sex offender notification Thursday, as Marion County Parole and Probation is authorized to inform the community when such information enhances community safety and protection.

Authorities say Sabre Eddings, 62, has been convicted of a sex offense requiring registration with MCSO, and is classified at a level reflecting his potential to reoffend. MCSO states this notification is not intended to increase fear, but is based on the belief an informed public is a safer public.

Marion County Sheriff’s Office issued a sex offender notification concerning Sabre Eddings, 62 on June 8, 2017. Photo provided by Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

Eddings is a white male who stands 5’6” tall and weighs 195 pounds, and has brown hair and blue eyes. He resides in the 8800 block of Portland Rd. NE in Salem.

Eddings is on post prison supervision for the following offenses: Public Indecency. His supervision extends to October 2018.

Eddings, as conditions of supervision, is not permitted to have contact with minors (male or female), is required to undergo sex offender treatment, submit to required polygraph examinations and not consume alcohol.

Eddings’ victim pool consists of adult and juvenile males, and juvenile females.