If your mugshot or arrest information is on our site and you would like it removed, please read the following:
Under certain circumstances individuals are entitled to have their booking photograph and biographical information removed from mugshot websites free of charge.
See HB 3467, HB 3273 and ORS 646.608 for more information.
If your charges have been dropped, or if you were never charged, or if your charges did not lead to a conviction, we will remove your mugshot from our site upon request.  We will verify all claims using Oregon’s online court records system.
Unlike traditional “publish-for-pay” mugshot sites, we do not accept money (and never have) for removing mugshots. We are a media news organization.
Compliance with HB 3467 and HB 3273 is strictly voluntary and not required by law. We support the spirt and intent behind the creation of those laws.  In most cases, we will remove mugshots with no questions asked. Subsequent arrests may result in the re-use of prior mugshot photos.
Please include in your request:
* The full URL of the page on our site where your mugshot appears.
* Your full name as it it appears on our site.
Things we suggest when you make your request
* Ask nicely.
* Make sure you provided the requested information.
Things that you should NOT do:
* Get pissy
* Threaten legal action (we know the law and we comply with it.)
* Share your story (sorry we just don’t have time to read them.)
Due to staff limitations it can take up to 30 days to process a removal request. However, most are processed within 7 days.
Please note: For legal purposes, all requests for mugshot removal MUST be processed via email using the email address above -OR- by snail mail. Phone calls will not be returned.

Email can be sent to mugshotremoval@oregoncrimenews.com or sent by mail to:

Mugshot Removal
Oregon Crime News
PO Box 877
Creswell, OR 97426