Robbery Suspect Resists Arrest – Springfield Oregon

Phillip Fonseca

On Friday July 10th at 12:36am a Springfield Police Officer stopped a potentially impaired driver at 54th St and Main St. Fonseca told the Officer he thought he had a warrant for his arrest. Officers learned he was wanted for robbery. When told he was under arrest and to exit the vehicle, he refused and instead rolled the window up. Numerous additional Officers responded.

Fonseca eventually exited the vehicle, but then dove back inside reaching for what was later determined to be a replica gun. As the Officer attempted to pull him out of the vehicle, he turned and punched the Officer in his left eye. The Officers eye instantly swelled shut, and had blurred vision in his other eye. A police dog was deployed to assist in the arrest because Fonseca continued to resist. Even with the Police dog, it took a minute to put Fonseca in handcuffs.

He was treated at the Hospital and lodged at the Lane County Jail.


Video by Doug Cartwright



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