St. Helens man accused of sexually abusing 6-year-old girl

A 56-year-old St. Helens man was arrested last week on accusations of sexually abusing a 6-year-old girl, according to a release from the St. Helens Police Department.

The investigation started when detectives with the Longview, Wash. Police Department took a report from an 11-year-old girl who said a St. Helens man had touched her in an inappropriate way five years ago.

Detectives from both Longview and St. Helens Police visited the home of the suspect, Anthony Wayne Dewey, 56, of St. Helens on Aug. 4.

Anthony Wayne Dewey, 56, of St. Helens, was indicted by a Columbia County Grand Jury Aug. 10, 2017 on a sexual abuse charge involving a girl who was 6 years old at the time of the offense. Photo courtesy of St. Helens Police Department.

Dewey refused to answer the door, and detectives returned later with a warrant and arrested him.

Subsequent searches of Dewey’s home led to the finding of photo and video evidence of the crimes he is accused of. Police also found child pornography, and underwear, swimsuits and costumes believed to belong to girls between ages 5 and 12 were also located.

Dewey was indicted by a Columbia County Grand Jury Aug. 10 on a charge of first-degree sexual abuse. The investigation is continuing, and anyone with additional information or knowledge of additional victims is asked to call St. Helens Police Officer Dustin King at 503-397-3333, ext. 254.