Springfield, Ore. – Springfield police are seeking a man driving a silver 2018 Kia Sportage whom they believe installed a skimming device at Northwest Community Credit Union on Main Street in Springfield last weekend, after the skimming device was found on the ATM Sunday. The ATM is located at 5000 Main Street.

ATM skimming suspect
ATM Skimming Suspect

The suspect police believe to be responsible for the skimming scheme can be seen apparently installing the device from his open car window at the drive-thru ATM at 12:32 a.m. Friday night/Saturday Morning. The device was discovered Sunday morning at 7:32 a.m. Skimming devices capture identifying card information from the magnetic strip on a debit or credit card and store the information elsewhere.

A customer spotted the device Sunday, noticing that the ATM did not appear to look normal and called Springfield police.

Police are working closely with Northwest Community Credit Union security staff to identify the suspect and individuals who may have had their security information compromised during the weekend. Those discovering they have been victimized should contact their bank or credit union immediately. Anyone with suspect information is urged to call the Springfield police department and ask for Detective Brian Antone.


Springfield ATM Skimming Suspect
Springfield ATM Skimming Suspect

Police and NWCCU security warn users to watch ATM machines for signs of fraudulent skimming devices, which can include a duplicate or tampered appearing keypad overlaying or adjacent to the factory or original keypad, or a duplicate or phony card reader. Stock card readers generally show signs of circulation or wear. New or altered-looking card readers, signs of in-progress repair or modification should be scrutinized and may indicate in-progress or attempted skimming.

Suspect: ​White male, 40’s with short black hair and mustache

Springfield ATM Skimming Suspect;s Vehicle
Springfield ATM Skimming Suspect;s Vehicle

Locate Vehicle:​2018 KIA SPORTAGE SUV, Silver in color
bearing California license plate 7YLS610  The vehicle is a rental car, and was rented at the Seattle-Tacoma airport, according to Springfield Police Lt. Scott McKee.