Third time’s the charm for Medford Police in attempting to catch Wal-Mart theft suspect

A 29-year-old woman is lodged in Jackson County Jail after an active night that started at……wait for it……Wal-Mart.

Medford Police say Jennifer Lynn Ostreicher, 29, became the city’s most wanted criminal in a matter of minutes Thursday night after a series of criminal acts.

Jennifer Lynn Ostreicher, 29, was arrested in the early morning hours after allegedly eluding police twice before being caught. Photo provided by Medford Police.

Ostreicher was stopped by police on Cardinal Ave. near Commercial Way after being labeled a suspect in a theft from Wal-Mart. Ostreicher, listening to the police radio, overheard the fact she had warrants out for her arrest, and took off for her vehicle.

The officer struggled with Ostreicher in the front seat of her vehicle, and deployed a Taser on her. Despite being shocked by the Taser, Ostreicher was able to start the car and drove away. The officer did not sustain any injuries during the struggle, but the body camera had fallen into her car.

Officers pursued Ostreicher, but she got away. However, deputies later found her car on Paloma Way, and Ostreicher allegedly took off again, striking a Jackson County Sheriff’s Office vehicle before getting away again.

Ostreicher was located later by detectives at the Econolodge Parking lot on S. Riverside, and this time, she took off on foot. She made it as far as the 76 station across the street before finally being apprehended by officers.

Police say they believe Ostrander was “strung out” on drugs, and they recovered the officer’s body camera from her vehicle.

Ostreicher is lodged in Jackson County Jail on charges of contempt of court, attempt to elude police, resisting arrest, hit and run causing property damage, reckless driving, criminal mischief and reckless endangering.