Woman Arrested for Bias Assault in May Bus Incident

Eliesha Faye Sebra feature picture biased crime Bias Assault mugshot Lane County

Eugene, Ore. – On June 6, Eugene Police Department was tagged in a Facebook post regarding a bias assault on the LTD bus. EPD responded with a request for the victims to contact Eugene Police to make a report. A case number was taken out after a report by the victim, who had returned to her home in Washington.

Eliesha Faye Sebra Bias Assault mugshot Lane County
Eliesha Faye Sebra

An EPD officer, who continued to diligently work the case, took the suspect, Eliesha Faye Sebra, age 38, of Springfield, into custody early this morning for Assault (Bias), Interfering with Public Transportation, and Harassment.

The bias incident occurred on May 5, 2018, at E. 11th Avenue and Kincaid Street. A woman, age 23, and her male friend boarded an LTD bus and another woman, later identified as Sebra, was reported to have sat next to them. While on the bus, the victim reported looking past Sebra, and then out the window. Sebra began making homophobic comments toward the victim, accusing her of wanting to rape her and calling her gay.

At some point without provocation, Sebra stood up and began striking the victim and her male friend with her purse. The male friend began video recording the assault with his cellphone. Another male passenger intervened and the Sebra is reported to have grabbed him, at which point yet another passenger went to assist and was hit in the face by Sebra.

The female victim and her friend got off the bus and provided LTD with their information, and then went to UOPD to file a report. UOPD advised the victim to contact EPD to make a report. She returned to her home in Washington before calling to report this incident.

Eliesha Faye Sebra has since been released from the Lane County Jail, and is commenting on the arrest.

Eliesha Faye Sebra public Facebook post
Eliesha Faye Sebra
Public Facebook post